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today I ran the compressor and I am very happy with the workmanship and the quality , it is connected to a nitrogen generator that requires around 0.8 MPA feed air from the 30 kw compressor we are commissioning it I have found that it loads and unloads from 25.5 kw - 30 kw this will be a huge saving on power consumption. —— Mr.Kerry Robinson from Australia

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Shanghai Rotorcomp Screw Compressor Co., Ltd founded in 1999, our company was a manufacturer of piston air compressors from 1985-1999. After 2000 our company headquarters moved to the international metropolis Shanghai ...
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As professional manufacutuer, we have imported world-top CNC machines to keep superior quality and high precision of the products to serve all the customers. Such as: Holroyd grinder, Leitz Measuring instrument,Jone...
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You expect the highest quality? We don’t make compromises. QUALITY – “MADE IN GERMANY” The absolute commitment to quality at ROTORCOMP is already seen in the fact that we develop, manufacture and test all our products in ...
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