• Mr.Kerry Robinson from Australia
    today I ran the compressor and I am very happy with the workmanship and the quality , it is connected to a nitrogen generator that requires around 0.8 MPA feed air from the 30 kw compressor we are commissioning it I have found that it loads and unloads from 25.5 kw - 30 kw this will be a huge saving on power consumption.
  • Pedro Antonio from USA
    We've been used Shanghai Rotorcomp compressors over 18 sets from 10hp to 160HP installed with Oxygen generator since 2008. Most of compressors still in good working conditions without much maintenance.
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Thermal Mass Refrigerated Air Dryer , Desiccant Air Dryers For Compressed Air

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Shanghai Rotorcomp
Certification ISO,CE.TUV.BV
Model Number HDR
Minimum Order Quantity Min:1set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details exported wooden case
Delivery Time 5-10 working days
Payment Terms Western Union, T/T, D/A, L/C, D/P
Supply Ability 10,000sets/month
Product Details
Capacity 45m3/min Working Pressure 6-13Bar
Max.inlet. Temp. 82℃ Max.Ambient.Temp. 45℃
Cooling Mode Air&Water Cooling Refrigerant R410a,R402c,R22
Dew Point 2-8℃ Cooling Sytem Enlarged Heat Exchange, 10-15% Better Performance
DimensionAuto-Drain Valve 2000*950*1740mm Weight 820Kg
Min.Ambient Temp. 5 °C
High Light

refrigerated compressed air dryer


air compressor desiccant dryer

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Product Description

 Cheaper Super Cooling 350HP 45m3/min refrigerated air dryer for air compressor

Features of High-temp Refrigerated Air Dryer:


Capacity: 45m3/min

 Working Pressure: ≤13bar
Max.inlet temp: 82°C Max Ambient Temp:50°C
Min.Ambient Temp: 5°C Refrigerant: R22, R407C,R134A,R410A
Cooling type: Air-cooled&Water-cooled Dew Point: 2°C ~8°C



Why compressed air purification?


Compressor alone is not enough.In most cases,untreated compressed air is naturally dirty,oily and wet.This condition is certainly notdesirable for industrial applications and could directly or indirectlylead to the following situations.

• Reduction in efficiency of expensive pneumatic tools & machineries

• Frequent costly maintenance of pneumatic tools & machineries

• Lost of production hours with increased machines down time

• High rejection rate of products

• Inability to meet delivery deadlines

• Unsatisfied customers



Is the "pressure dew point" range of the cold-drying machine standard 2-10 °C a little bigger?

Some people think that the cold dryer is marked with a "pressure dew point" range of 2-10 °C. Is the temperature difference "5 times" larger? This understanding is not true:

1 First, the Celsius temperature °C is not a concept of "double". The temperature is the sign of the average value of the kinetic energy of a large number of molecules moving inside the object. The true starting point value should be calculated from the complete stop of the molecular motion, ie “absolute zero” (OK); the Celsius temperature scale uses the melting point of ice as the starting point of temperature, which is more than “absolute zero degree”. "Higher than 273.16 °C. In thermodynamics, in addition to the Celsius temperature scale °C in the calculation related to the temperature change concept, when used as the state parameter, the thermodynamic temperature scale (also known as the absolute temperature scale, the starting point is absolute zero) should be calculated. 2 ° C = 275.16K, 10 ° C = 283.16K, this is the real difference between the two.

2 From the water content of saturated gas, the moisture content of 0.7MPa compressed air is 0.82g/m3 at 2°C dew point, and the moisture content at 1.40g/m3 at 10°C dew point, there is no existence between the two. a difference of "5" times;

3 From the relationship between “pressure dew point” and atmospheric dew point, the dew point of 2°C for compressed air at 0.7MPa is equivalent to -23°C for atmospheric pressure dew point, and the dew point at 10°C is equivalent to atmospheric dew point of -16°C. There is a difference of "5 times". According to the above, the "pressure dew point" range of 2-10 °C is not as large as imagined.

Thermal Mass Refrigerated Air Dryer , Desiccant Air Dryers For Compressed Air 0



Model Cpacity
Power Kw Voltage
connection Dimension
Weight Kg
HDR-350HP 55 8.8 380 Dn100″ 2000×950×1740 820
1. The above parameters and color are designed according to customer needs, the parameters are for reference only, the final parameters of the drawings shall prevail;
2. According to user requirements and needs, to join way: air/water cooling, oil content, weight, appearance size according to the need to design, to the final order and the technical agreement shall prevail;
3. 1 year warranty, 2 years warranty for refrigerated compressor


Thermal Mass Refrigerated Air Dryer , Desiccant Air Dryers For Compressed Air 1

Thermal Mass Refrigerated Air Dryer , Desiccant Air Dryers For Compressed Air 2