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Medicine Oillfree 2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor
  • Medicine Oillfree 2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor
  • Medicine Oillfree 2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor
  • Medicine Oillfree 2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor
  • Medicine Oillfree 2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor

Medicine Oillfree 2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor

Place of Origin GERMAN
Brand Name Shanghai Rotorcomp
Certification ISO.TUV,CE,GS
Model Number OGFD-132
Product Details
Rated P:
0.7/0.8/1.0 MPa
25.0/23.0/20.0 M3/min
Water Volume:
Inlet Temp.:
Outlet Temp.:
Temp. Of Cooling Water +14℃
2300×1600×1680 L×W×H(mm)
High Light: 

2980rpm Screw Style Air Compressor


Oilless Screw Style Air Compressor


240L Water Screw Air Compressor

Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Plywood case for export package
Delivery Time
5-15 Working days
Payment Terms
L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability
Product Description

Medicine and Health Screw Air Compressor





Item Unit Para.
Rated P: MPa 0.7/0.8/1.0
Capacity m3/min 25.0/23.0/20.0
Water Volume L 240
Cooling water volume L/min 320
Inlet temp. 2-40℃
Outlet temp. Temp. of cooling water +14℃
Working mode   Direct
Rpm rpm 2980
Power kw 132
Oil content ppm 0
Cooling   Water cooled
Noise dB(A) 72
Dia L×W×H(mm) 2300×1600×1680
Connection   DN80
Weight Kg 3250
Voltage PH/V/HZ 3/380/50
Starting mode   Y-△

Oil-free screw air compressor is the core of two excellent compression engines. Our rotor is machined linearly through 20 processes to achieve unparalleled precision and durability with supercoating protection and performance

1. the rotor and base surface have been super coated, it can be seen in the figure that after surface treatment, the coating adheres firmly to the rotor or base surface.
2. super coating is automatically sprayed by robot technology, the and is uniform. Finally, the rotor and seat are heat treated, and the coating is still blocked by the machine relative to the rotor, which is too firm. Compared with other coatings, the advantages of super coatings are fixed, because with super coatings, our compressor displacement is as high as 100, and the operating cost is lower, the mainframe service life is longer.


Power consumption water lubrication oil free compressor is currently the world's most energy-efficient models


Model for OGFD rotorcomp oil-free mechanical and electrical machine power 55 kw,

1.0 Mpa pressure, maximum displacement is after 8.60 m/min, the traditional old (dry) oil-free mechanical and electrical machine 55 kw, 1.0 Mpa pressure, exhaust is after 7.30 m/min, that is to say our oil-free machine than traditional old without oil machine with large gas production by more than 17.8%, according to the section work 6000 hours a year to calculate Q = 55 kw * 17.8% * 6000 hours * 1 yuan/KWH, electricity differ = 58740 yuan a year.


Air end long service life, safety, stability

Because water is involved in sealing, lubrication and cooling, rotorcomp oil-free screw machine operating temperature not to exceed 45 ℃; All parts are working in the condition of not more than 45 ℃, and the motor speed low (2980 r/min), so the service life of the host is very long, the host theoretical design life of 25 years, for isothermal operation also work to eliminate the error due to staff in running under the high temperature burns, fire, explosion and other unsafe factors.

Our oil-free machine can 24 hours a day, 365 days a year non-stop running workOld dry oil-free machine due to host operating temperature above 200 ℃, the screw must be high temperature resistant coatings to prevent deformation of rotor killed, but the presence of water in the compressed air, is easy to ause the disbonding, low voltage main rotor disbonding will appear the gas shortage, increase power consumption.In both cases the service life of the host and the stability is very unreliable, and the high cost of maintenance, maintenance cycle is long, and so on shortcomings.

Simple operation, convenient maintenance, low cost of after-sales service

Using rotorcomp independent research and development of software system, with functions of automatic control system maintenance alarm, automatic fault location function, automatic information storage function, the automatic alarm after the machine downtime protection function, simple operation without professional supervision, the host can 24 hours a day, 365 days a year non-stop continuous operation.

Maintenance supplies only empty water filter and filter core (ordinary dry oil-free machine maintenance cost 1/3), each maintenance within 20 minutes to complete, greatly maintaining the continuous uninterrupted gas supply requirements of users.rotorcomp rot no grease lubrication from 1 to 40 cubic all have the ability to produce and is also the most complete industry models do not grease lubricated air compressor manufacturing enterprise.


Rotorcomp air ens supply warranty 2 years, 2 years warranty is refers to the parts

should be replaced within five years, one thousand need to replace parts, all expenses shall be borne by our company.


Oil Free Compressor Features

  • Longer usage life
  • Big volume air tank
  • Easy operation
  • High performance
  • Oil-free, belt driven, piston type
  • Conpetitive Price with First Class Quality


Scroll Rotary Compressor Applications

  • Metallurgy and Mining
  • Papermaking and Printing
  • Medicine and Health
  • Household Appliance
  • Electronic and Electrical
  • Transportation
  • Light Industry and Food
  • Textile and Clothing
  • Electric Power
  • Construction and Building Material
  • Mechanical and Electrical Machinery
  • Petrochemical Engineering

Our anvantages


High quality

Reasonable price

Strict delivery time

Good after-sales service

Profession maker for manyyears

Strict quality control

Streamline production makes each node be well controlled thus to guarantee more reliable quality.

Re-create the industry revolution of the air compresssor ,

Low after-sales maintenance cost and excellent promptness in the industry,

We not only provide air systems, but also break the industry monopoly to provide the users with profits


About US


Shanghai Rotorcomp Screw Compressor Co., Ltd founded in 1999, our company was a manufacturer of piston air compressors from 1985-1999. After 2000 our company headquarters moved to the international metropolis Shanghai and focused on screw air compressors, pressure vessel, refrigeration dryer, adsorption dryer and air filters with the support of Rotorcomp Verdichter Gmbh in German.

Shanghai Rotorcomp Screw Compressor Co. Ltd., Shanghai Ziqi Container Co.Ltd. have been cooperated with 2010 Beijing Nankou Railway Transit Machinery Co. Ltd., which belongs to China CNR Corporation Limited, as the strategic cooperation partner.

The Beijing Nankou company has processing equipment more than 100 sets, including large-scale precision equipment 90 sets and imported equipment 70 sets. Such as Hardinge double-ended grinder, Toshiba horizontal machining center, BW CNC vertical and horizontal machining center, Holroyd rotor profile grinder and Zeiss 3D measuring machine.

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